Why the name Camellia Fin Co.?


When I was a little girl, I remember sitting on the front porch of a little yellow house staring up at the Alabama Oak trees. The little yellow house behind me stored all kinds of creative avenues – from paint, to stamps, to jewelry beads, to craft kits - my mind would start on a great creative adventure every time my feet would touch the threshold of the Craft Center.

I spent a lot of time in that little yellow house as a child. My grandfather would take me to paint and craft classes and we both fell in love with the store owner – Miss Judy (also known as the craft lady to my childhood friends). The lovely store owner later became my grandmother and a very important person in my life.

The time that I spent at the Craft Center with my grandparents is something that I will always treasure. They not only taught me how to paint and craft, but they supported me in my creativity and pushed me to grow. The love I have for these two people and what they taught me is something that I wanted to honor them with through my business.  Camellia is the state flower of Alabama and that is where a large piece of my heart is to this day.



Airplanes and travel are a huge part of our lives.   

My husband is one of the few people I know that followed his childhood dream. He sat in the cockpit of an airplane at 8 years old and knew in that moment he wanted to be a pilot. His love of aviation and his occupation is something that I have been so envious of, but also proud of. Not many people can say the job they are in now is something they wanted to do when they were 8! He is such an incredible inspiration to our children and to all children that you should pursue your dreams!

Because my husband is a pilot, we have had the opportunity to travel the world. We believe that it is so important for us and our children to experience different countries and cultures. We are so thankful to have made so many memories with our girls and we are looking forward to the memories we will continue to create.

The Fin of an airplane is the vertical stabilizer of an aircraft and honestly what this man is to me. He has always stabilized and supported me throughout our journey together and without him this little dream of mine would not be a reality.



Co., short for company, seems like an obvious choice, but for me, it’s deeper.  It represents our friends and family who have always and will always support us through life. It represents our current and future customers who will become our return customers. Co. is so much more to me as it is who we surround ourselves with and who we invite into our lives.


- Ashley Ramseyer -

Owner of Camellia Fin Co

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